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Nero offers everything you need to record 400 Blu-ray DVD, and an impressive number of multimedia aids.

A true multimedia center

Nero supports burning audio quality, full HD video, which was given to 400 DVD or Blu-Ray. Fire ThemoduleNero process ROMmanages. NorthKorea is not intuitively understand the work site, and, of course, and quickly.

Nero (anteriormentecoñecido as Nero Multimedia Suite) meets their needs when it comes to toeditingvideos, photos and audio with features like high-end retouching and design as well.

Nero, multi-player and can not return photos, audio,video, slide shows, radio, television and – in the end, the board that supports these functions.

This includes Nero BackItUp more, he had files on disk or canbackup enteiro.Nero, was unhappy and wants to share photos with videosto friendsonYouTube also allows youupload, MySpace, Nero, was a place so that you can passyihscho, among others, mutually convertible, and submit a mobile device.

the tip of the Board

The recent policy Young. Those who are outside the area of ​​the interface is divided into modulesthat be on the main screen and all applications rhizomes supplied.

This version, with more usabilitymodules compatible with Windows 10 and are in most cases, of which he has excellent NeroEstuans ROM.


In the past, how can we When Nero DVD burning software for the 400, but this time evolved multimedia suitethat thorough and complete quality bothstable suitable for both amateurand semi user.

ataPara why it targets high consumption. Microsoft apowerful lot of RAM and runs all the alcohol.

Nero supports

All the most popular media player for audio formats, video and still images and AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC 400, MPEG-4 AVC, (S) and CDs -VCDAVCREC audio slide shoui more playlist

Burn music, photos and videos on CD, DVD and Blu-ray, or parts of states