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Paul Kersei became a divided man: the man who saved his life, and the man who brought it; Husband and father try to care for their families, and the blood statistics against Chicago crime; a doctor picks up a shot from the body of a suspect and a player named The Grim Reaper detective stops immediately.

A family member becomes a killer because his family is attacked by cruelty robbery. Dr. Paul Kersei (Bruce Villis) is a professional surgeon who only saw the consequences of his violence in the citycaring for ER – as long as his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter-in-law (Camila Morrone) were strongly defeated in their urban homes. When the police are overlooked by the crime, Paul, who is punished for revenge, expels his family attackers to justify. How unnatural killings attract the attention of the media, wondering whether this protector of death pendulum is anxious. Angry and fate of war were struck in the crash of the deadly death stage.