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Grand Theft Auto V is a game with many generations. Initially released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it showed that these consoles still had enough power to make a full world of the sandbox. Additional re-releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One served as a preview of the unreleased versionPC. now the version of the PC is finally here, and it comes with even more applications, such as support for the 4K display and the Rockstar editor.

4K and more

If you played Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, the plot is the same. Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual There were no updates or changes. You still play in the characters that look like: Franklin,Michael and Trevor in cross stories, filled with action, comedy and some truly amazing situations.

Grand Theft Auto V also has a lot of side missions such as street racing, hunting, simulators and placement of front-end zamper.Getia mission is the basis of a certain character.One of the strengths of Grand Theft Auto V is the immersion in history, lets live these life symbols. The actor of secondary characters is also impressive, realizes a great voice.

There is also a multiplayer online, which is called the GTA Online. You create an avatar and live in Los Santos, performingmission to make money, buy apartments, modernize cars and live the life of a high roller. Also there is an online game that you put together with other players. These gloomy ones are similar to missions performed in single player mode, but are adapted for the commanders.

Newfor Grand Theft Auto V for PC is the editor of Rockstar. Rockstar Editor is a set of tools for recording and editing, which allows you to record and edit frames in real time. You have a large number of functions, such as a jar record, camera settings, effects and access toselect the Grand Theft Auto V. Radio Station. Use the mode mode to create your own short films in GTA V. You have control over the world to create your own movies.

The same amazing game

Grand Theft Auto V is nothing new for the PC. This is the same game with most options. modernized visualEffects show the full potential of the game engine. Adding a new radio station, “The Lab FM” offers new music, but you can also use local files for broadcast radio stations.

Grand Theft Auto V is a great game. History is sometimes confusing and disturbing,but each character is fully revealed. If you are involved in the criminal world of each character, it’s hard not to drop.

GTA Online gives gulniyashcha more life with various missions, such as racing or the deathmatch team, as well as a player created by missions. Heists brings even more reason to play,when you work with friends to steal even larger items.

Now with the editor of Rockstar you can create svoefilmy in Grand Theft Auto V and show your creative skills.

The PC version may be the latest version that will be released, but it has the most complete set of features.


GrandTheft Auto V – classic kansol.Vypuski PS4 and Xbox One – this is an excellent preview of how you can expand the game. PC version really shows how beautiful can be Los Santos, and how to be creative players as they use new tools,included in this version.