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When the creator of virtual reality, called OASIS, dies the world, it is video, allowing all OASIS users to find their Easter eggs, to give their machine its own status. Wade Watts is the first puzzle and starts racing for the eggs. The centerpiece is a young man named Wade Watts. In the near future Watts will lose his daily life by entering the MMO game Oasis. When a billionaire dies from his death, he presents their players as a hunting statue Easter egg for eggs. Peter Rabbit 2018 movie download torrent
Watts came to reality, after five years, the enemy of the organization seems to be confronted with trying to get money – in the real world, and the “Oasis”.

OneWade Watts finished player escape from reality by playing a so-called game “Oasis”. When the creator of the game dies, his wealth is offered as a hunt for Easter eggs in the game. Watts joined the hunt, but five years later he confronted the enemy of a company that both the world and the worldwanted to keep the oasis.


Subtitles: Na

Classification: NA

March 29, 2018

Genre: Science Fiction

Action time: No.

Distributor: Warner Bros. image

C: Olivia Cook

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Layout: 2D