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Dr. Paul KEPKO survived trauma surgeon, a man who throughout his life to save human life. After the family’s assault, Paul goes to his mission of justice. Dr. Paul KEPKO (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who sees the effects of the violence in my city when it’s imported(Elizabeth Shu) and her school-age daughter (Camilla Morrone) did not have a tightly attacked house in his country. When police overwhelmed crime, Paul, seeking revenge, palyavannetyya strikers rodzinyaby guarantee its validity. Death Wish 2018 Because the anonymous murderhas drawn the attention of the criminals to the media, wondering when this deadly avenger is the keeper of the dark reap. Rage and Destiny under a huge thriller Death Wish.

Sex becomes split KEPKO souls: a man who saves lives and the person who takes them; husband and father wants the arresthis and dark figure Fight zlachynnastsyuChykaga; Surgery missiles that come from suspicious items, and a guard named The Reaper who detektywemszybko close.